About The Bar Novas

The Bar Novas humbly began in early 2023 in their hometown of Greenfield, Indiana - at least in this timeline. The truth is much more complicated: a skillfully crafted plan from time-hopping mastermind bassist Jimi Cheesecake that would take decades of dedication. Various musical influences were carefully implanted into the young minds of talent he encountered in his travels. Classic rock influences of Hendrix and Clapton into lead guitarist and vocalist Kurt Hodgin. 90s growls and country howls into vocalist and rhythm guitarist Kyle Turpin. The soul of Robert Plant into powerhouse lead vocalist Alex Whitehouse. And the literal heart of a purpose-built timekeeping robot into drummer Casey Ruggles. With his plan complete, The Bar Novas were formed. Their music is a cosmic gumbo of rock across the ages - guaranteed to get feet tapping, hands clapping, and a party wherever they play.